Founder's Message

Shakil Latif  

Cricket in United Arab  Emirates is growing like the way business and other development is happening  Every year we can see the interest generates in this part of the world is absolute unbelievable. Cricket is one of the religion for many young kids who would like to take up as a career and take it seriously with dedication. Emirates Cricket Training is here for them. 

Cricket in the desert was never thought of till twenty years ago for obvious  reason -weaather, lack of grassy grounds and most importantly,people who were interested in playing this game of Cricket. However, things changed when there was an influx of expatriates from  India, Pakistan, Srilanka and UK and Cricket started to gain popularity in this area, it cumulated in having a Cricket ground where the world highest number of one day have been held till date.

With this background, a lot of academies have come up in UAE for teaching the basic aspects of Cricket. Emirates Cricket Training -Dubai since 12 years with the sole  purpose of producing cricketers who can represent ECB-UAE and their countries at International level.

Emirates Cricket Training -Dubai has the distinction of having some of the Cricketers to coach here like: Mushtaq Muhammed, Tasleem Arif, &Tauseef Ahmed - Ex Pakistan test players and Madan Lal Ex Indian Test player.

As we Re- launch the website, I am proud to say the   academy has come a long way and for that we like to acknowledge some people who made this difficult task a reality. Mr. Shankar, Mr.Vasudevan, Mr.Anil Babu, Mr.Gopakumar, their families, Emirates Cricket Board, Dubai Sports Council and Cricket Councils. 

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.Muneer (CEO AL Wafa Group) for helping the website seeable, readable and accessible. 

Academy boys are an asset for me and my team. Our objective is to make boys match fit, keeping this in mind academy has played many tournaments this year and many parents and my self have witnessed that the boys and team have improved match by match. As we want to turn our boys to professional Cricketers, Academy has gone one step ahead and hired a Cricket Ground for the full year “Boys and parents, be ready for the match". 

At the end of my thoughts I would like to request all the parents that please do not pamper your precious child by packing or carrying his kit bag. 

I look forward for the bright future of these youngsters and its give me extreme pleasure to see them performing and learning.  The academy will preserve with its sincere intention  of imparting Coaching and assistance to youngsters who are keenly interested in learning the game of Cricket.

At the end Thanks to Rizwan Latif (Coach and In charge of the academy) Aqeel Latif (Senior Coach) and Daniyal Shakil   for their unconditional hard work.

Shakil Latif

Head Coach and Patron Director 

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